Some Eye & Ear Candy
Feel Free to
Stop and
Smell the Music
This first one is Bruce's signature song.
In fact, when he goes into the bank,
he doesn't even have to sign anything.
He just sings them this song.  
It's called,
"She's a Very Crazy Lady."
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This next one is an introspective song and
Bruce tells us that it feels
like a therapy session
every time he plays it.
It's all about moving on and it's called,
"I've Got Nothing But Time."

Want to hear some more?  
Here's a whimsical little ditty
about a passion for redheads...
"Strawberry Firepie."
Here's Charli
performing a stand-up comedy
routine at a talent show.
She slayed them!!!
Daddy's little girl and then
daddy's little girl with
daddy's little girl's daddy.
With initials that spell, "BAT," it was pretty well preordained that Bruce would be a fan of the animal
kingdom's only flying mammal.  Yes, you might say that he is downright loopy over everything Batty
(or is that downright batty over everything loopy?).  In fact, he is so deep into this "BAT" fascination
that we sometimes expect to turn around, look up and see him hanging upside down somewhere.  
He has an extensive BAT and BATMAN collection and his nickname, as far back as he can remember,
has always been, "BAT."  Here, then, are some pictures of Bruce A. Teitell and also some of his well known
(and lesser known) relations and ancestors...
The new gift sensation, The Chia BAT
Two very rare pictures
of his Great Grand Uncle
BATTY Lugosi
A cousin of his,legendary
rock and roll pioneer
BAT Berry
Another cousin, the legendary IronBAT  
His famous dancing uncle
BAT Astaire.
The Kink of Rock and Roll,
Elvis BATley.  
Sadly, his life came to an early
and very tragic end.  
Had he lived he would have,
well, not died!
Not many people know
this fact but Bruce was a
charter member of the
BAT Pack.  
Here he is making the
other guys laugh.
Another little known fact; his cousin
was the infamous fifth
New gift sensation,the Chia BAT
His Great Grandfather,
BAT Sparrow
He was very proud when
he found out that
his great great grandfather
was honored on the face of
Mount RushBAT.
Yes, even Cupid was a
member of the
BAT family
The BATfather
Baby BAT
BAT enough yet???  I thought so.
Santa BAT