It Ain't Easy Being Me

Being an arthritic, hunchback leper has not slowed
the aging, twisted and warped songwriter.  
The "Unusual One’s" sensitive, engaging music
seems to belie his comedy antics.  
His unique perspective on relationships
("She's a Very Crazy Lady," "Living in Limbo (on the Isle of Nocando),"
"I've Got Nothing But Time")
and his uncanny storytelling ability
("The Legend of Norbert Yancy," "Charli Gimme Sugar")
combined with his audience pleasing comedic touch,
make for a complete entertainer and
a thoroughly enjoyable performance experience.

Bruce fronted two different show bands beginning
in the 1970's (yes, kids, he really IS that old!)
and when he got off the road, he put his music down
for what he thought was forever.  
When that bug bites, however, it leaves a long lasting mark.  
After many years, he decided to give his music another try
and has now been performing in clubs and coffee houses
all around Ventura and Los Angeles counties.  
He is still trying to get his debut CD recorded.  
This has been a lifelong dream of his.  
He knows that the title of this CD will be,
"Living in Limbo" and he also knows that it will be released
sometime in this current century -- he swears!
Oh - one more thing - did I mention he has a master’s degree
in the art of shameless self-promotion
(with an E minor in Yogi Berra-isms)? No?  
Well, then, did I mention that he would
give his left arm to be ambidextrous?

Media Coverage

If you have never heard of the “Unusual One” before then read on.  
Here is what some others have had to say about him…

Shlomo Putz of the Fort Wayne Newton wrote,
"Of all the singer-songwriters I have ever heard,
he is definitely two of them!"  

Johnny Bigtushy of the Saint Paul Anka wrote,
"In a recent poll of every singer-songwriter in the country,
he came in second place.  Every other one tied for first."  

Shecky Schmecky of the San Antonio Banderas penned,
"If you are only going to miss one act all year -- this has got to be the one!"

And finally, Troy Rogers of the San Jose Feliciano inked,
“Rarely has an act of such tremendous, spontaneous, brilliant,
glowing and… and… what was the question?”

Well, there you have it.  
If that doesn’t make your skin crawl
then it’s on too tight!

* * * * * * * * * * *
Sometimes, a person will go out of their way
just to let you know how much they appreciate you.  
It touches your heart so deeply that you
just have to share it with the world.  
Those are the times that make it all worthwhile...

Here is a heartfelt, genuine note from a dear friend
that I just had to share...

Hello Bruce!
It’s great to hear from you.  I was so excited when I heard
that you were appearing at Valentino’s.  Great show!  So glad to see you again!

When I first met you playing at Gayles’ Perks, I couldn’t believe that someone
so talented simply wasn’t being recognized.  It’s like that great line in Billy
Joel’s “Piano Man” that goes, “Man, what are you doing here?”  
My friends still ask about you.  In fact, anyone I’ve ever brought to hear you
has always had a great time.  “Who is Bruce Teitell?”  People sometimes ask me
and I say to them, “He’s a natural-born performer, with the heart of a lion.”  
I tell them that I saw you performing your set on a Christmas Eve in the rain,
basically outdoors, at Gayles Perks, when everyone else was at home
drinking hot chocolate!  You stood there on that concrete slab and
sang your heart out for three hours non-stop, with no less enthusiasm than if
you were performing at Carnegie Hall!  
Brother, let me tell you, I was deeply impressed.  Still am.
The honor of your friendship is truly mine.
Sincerely yours,
Peter Shea
Thank you Peter!!!
* * * * * * * * * *
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